I am a good wife, for now

One thing people should know about me is how much I enjoy holidays. All of them. Single, dating, married – made no difference to how I felt about Valentine’s Day or any other holiday. They are always worth celebrating and enjoying. And yes, I consider Valentine’s Day a holiday.

Babe hates all holidays and celebrations. All of them. He just goes along with it because I get so into it, but let’s be clear I don’t decorate the house I just go overboard with cards and gifts. I’m reasonable, sometimes.

I love the cards, the chocolate, and celebrating the love that exists between parents and child, partners, friends. I know that lots of people think that Valentine’s Day is about the material gifts, and is a celebration that is run by greeting card companies, I am definitely not in that group. My parents have always given us a gift for each holiday, my grandparents did the same, so I will continue with that tradition with Baby. Tell me that this card, one of 3, that I gave to Babe isn’t hilarious!?!


Baby celebrated her first Valentine’s Day last week, and what a first it was! I had coordinated with a few people in Babe’s office so that I would be able to surprise him with Baby for lunch. A coworker had contacted his manager who then set up a meeting from 11:30am to 1:00pm. Babe had called me that morning to release some frustration with the lunch meeting. He couldn’t imagine why someone would want to meet over the lunch hour and how annoying that was. I suggested that maybe they’d have some sort of Valentine’s treat that would make it better, he was not encouraged.

Our conversation ended with me letting him know our plans for the day – a blood test and an afternoon movie date with a friend and her baby. He suggested I call after the doctor and hopefully we’d chat again. When I got off the phone, I laughed and said to Baby – your daddy will be so surprised! I had asked Babe what Baby should wear before he left for his day, her grandparents (my parents, obvi) had given her two outfits for her Valentine’s gift. Baby was dressed in a pretty red dress with hearts all over and her skinny jeans. She was definitely a cute Valentine! We stopped along the way to buy Babe a rose, from Baby. I attached a tag that I had made to it which read – Would you be my Valentine, Daddy? Love, Baby.


Traffic was light so this allowed for me to circle the city a few times to find parking – UGH! It was a cold and blustery day, lots of fun when the only parking spot you find is a million miles away from where you need to be – what can you do?! Parking was an arm and a leg, but we made our way to Babe’s building and was greeted by a coworker of Babe’s. It was the person who was to be meeting with him, so great! She helped me with the stroller and getting down a flight of stairs to the elevator (the only access to the elevator was to go up a flight or down a flight of stairs – useless!). She told me to hang tight and she was going to go to the ‘meeting’.


We were then greeted by Babe’s friend who escorted us to the elevator and up to Babe’s floor. He walked in front of us and when we got closer to Babe’s desk he asked Babe, loudly, if he wanted to go get a coffee. He responded “no, I have a meeting”. I wish I could have taken a picture of his face when he saw us come around the corner! Priceless. He even tried to tell me that he was sorry that he couldn’t spend time with me but he had this meeting, but then the person he was meeting with let him know that it was all a lie so that I could have lunch with him. What a great moment! I definitely showed him some love!

It was so great keeping this secret for a few weeks and helping plan a lovely Valentine’s day, with the help of people in Babe’s office. It was so nice to see Babe during the day and amazing that he could spend some quality time with Baby. Our evening was not as exciting as the day but still filled with Valentine’s, love, and of course, chocolates!


All of this effort has to count for something, right? I now have to be moving up a few pegs into the ‘good wife’ section in Babe’s heart, no? Frankly, I was so tickled pink with myself for pulling it off that it really doesn’t matter. I know that Babe loves me regardless of these efforts, but that this helps speak to his love language and makes him feel great. We spent the day smiling and laughing. I did good!

What did you do to celebrate Valentine’s Day? Was it filled with love or chocolates? Do you hate holidays or just Valentine’s day specifically? Let me know!

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10 Responses to I am a good wife, for now

  1. Sweeet story. Nice the way you went so far out of your way.
    I am not so into Valentines either but definitely enjoy other holidays. Why is your husband so against holidays? Maybe, if you continue to make them so joyous, it will change his mind.

  2. Valerie says:

    What a fun surprise! 🙂 My hubby surprised me with a heart diamond necklace and a box of chocolates (that I can’t eat! ha) and a lovely card. He has been a poor gift-giver for a long time, so I was totally shocked that he did what he did! http://atlantamomofthree.wordpress.com/2012/11/30/how-to-get-your-husband-to-buy-you-the-perfect-gift/

  3. fiammisday says:

    Hi dear, nice to have found you!! These pics are so cute and I’m following you now!!! A big kiss from another mom!!!

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