accepting change

I was told once in a performance review that I had a low rating for my acceptance of change. At the time I was in my mid-twenties and still living at home. Life was just about work, Dog (who was Puppy then), Boyfriend, and shopping. Why did things need to change? And more importantly, why did I need to accept things when they changed? I think I was, what most people would say, headstrong.

Now that I’m in my almost mid-thirties my ability to accept change has improved, at least I’d like to think it has! Babe may disagree, but he isn’t writing this so let’s just leave him out of it, please.

I like things to be routine it helps keep the stress down, and since I’ve learned that stress aggravates my health so I do whatever I can to keep things calm. To have a daily routine is easy especially with Baby as she needs to have things stay the same. There are times where Baby and I stray from routine, changing things up keeps us on our toes. I think it’s also good for Baby to know that there are surprises in life, that we do our best to accept them and move forward with the changes.

Now here is the problem test of my ability to accept change that I face every weekend.

Babe is unfamiliar with our daily routine, and despite the countless times I’ve told him how the mornings and afternoons go, he doesn’t seem to want to retain any of that into his brain. He wants to do things his way and it undoes the routine we have from Monday to Friday. It’s kind of annoying. I may become a little short-tempered and I may not be as accepting to change as I claim to be. It just makes more work for me on Mondays and Tuesdays as I have to work at getting Baby back into our routine.

Am I doing this for my benefit or hers? What is the harm in allowing Babe to do whatever he wants to with Baby on the weekends? Am I really that controlling that I need to make sure the schedule is followed all the time? There really isn’t any physical harm being done but from what I understand routine is good for babies, including our sweet Baby.

I will admit that giving up the control on the weekend is incredibly hard for me to do, but I’m working on it. This weekend was a 3 day weekend as we had a holiday, family day, so Babe was able to spend lots of time with Baby and understand the routine. It sort of worked. Things didn’t happen exactly the way they normally would have but we seemed to have all survived. And now I’m working on getting things back to usual.

I should have that performance review again, I’d like to see how my ability to accept change would be rated now. Probably hasn’t changed at all.

Am I the only one who likes control? Any suggestions on helping me to get Babe stick to the routine? Am I really a control freak if I don’t let my food touch on the plate?

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2 Responses to accepting change

  1. I think it is good for children to get into a routine. However, part of the routine is the people involved. When the people change, it’s inevitable that the routine will change. Anyway, maybe if Babe understood why you follow the routine you follow, he would strive to stick to it more carefully.

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