Life these days…

I have been absent.  Disappeared. Removed.  Distant.  Away.  Gone. Out.  Missing. 

I am sorry. I apologize. Regrets? I have a few.

In my defense things have been busy. Baby crawling, weekly doctor appointments, no downtime, no time to myself busy. Capital B busy!  To tired to think, read, type, converse. Too tired to be tired!

The Babe is gym-ing it up at least 3 nights a week so that leaves me as full time parent most days and Baby wouldn’t eat, drink, or sleep for him when he tries but yet all she says is ‘da da’.  I’m tired.

We just enjoyed a long weekend, an extra long weekend as Babe took a couple of vacation days. We spent some time visiting my mother outlaw in an even smaller town than ours. She’s out there for the summer. Another post on that sometime soon. Let’s just say it – I’m tired.

Baby is 10 months old and is full of beans. She’s just cut 4 teeth in a week – in addition to the 2 she already had. It’s amazing how fast time flies.  And how a little white wine spritzer takes the edge off…me not the baby.  But maybe…put down the phone – I won’t be giving her wine. That would be a waste. 😉

I will be headed back to work in a few weeks…maybe 6 or 7 weeks? Ugh. I am certain I will have more time to write then! It is funny how Baby went from cute & happy blob to cute & happy blur.  So very tired.

Work and the outlaws will provide lots of fodder for this little page o’mine. My health seems to be in an okay place but never want to get too comfortable.

Until next time…

I’m going to try to get some sleep!

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