And so it begins…

My first post on my first, and only, blog.

Don’t judge me. Yet.

Here begins my official online persona. Yes, I have a Facebook account and Twitter. I have been known to instagrammie my meals, dog, babe and baby! But those avenues haven’t allowed me to share my opinions, views, and life experiences the way I think this blog will.

Again, don’t judge. Yet. There will be time for judging later, for now let’s just enjoy getting to know one another and we can judge others – together!!

A little about me – in my 30’s, married, had a baby 15 weeks ago and have one of the greatest dogs alive (she’s 6). I have a job that I hate, friends that keep my mean girl in check, and a serious love of crappy tv! Living in the ‘burbs north of Toronto and enjoying the quiet but miss the activity of the city, just not willing to move. I have too much stuff and don’t feel like packing. It’s too much work. Clearly I am lazy.

Enough for now, going to pay attention to the first NHL game of the season! 2 – nothing Leafs! The babe just made us some tea, baby is sleeping soundly and the dog is the same (long walk in the woods this afternoon).

Until the next post…tell me who you are!

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