Ugh. Showers.

No, not the daily shower that provides the world with a fresh and cleaner version of you. The other kind.

The baby and/or wedding shower kind.

I hate them. Even the ones thrown for me by family/friends/co-workers. They were tolerable but not my favourite way to spend an afternoon on a weekend.

I have to attend a baby shower in the very near future. I am really not looking forward to it but am going with a friend and bringing my own baby so maybe it won’t be so bad? Time will tell.

The honouree of the shower is a friend I met about 10 years ago in University. We get together from time to time (maybe once or twice a year) for dinner, with another friend and catch up. Her bridal shower was a ‘money shower’ and money was expected for the wedding as well. This is all fine, who doesn’t appreciate money as a gift? God knows I do!

One issue I have is that I wouldn’t know if our gifts were appreciated as I have never received a thank you card! Has etiquette really been so lost that we cannot send a simple card to let friends and family know that we are grateful for their gift?!

I have written so many thank you cards over the past 2 years that my hands are still sore! I’ve had 2 bridal showers and 2 baby showers, not to mention all the gifts that arrived after the baby was born! We are still sending cards out just to let people know how much they are valued as friends/family.

This shower, that I am attending in the very near future, brings about some anxiety and resentment. Do I have to get over it and be the bigger person? Can I let go of my expectations of a simple thank you card for my gift*?

*it is not a gift card as requested btw, but an actual old fashioned fully gift wrapped gift!

I could also just have some issue with attending a shower with girls who will be dressed like ladies who lunch and I am still struggling with the baby weight and side effects from one of my current medications.

Am I the only one who hasn’t lost all the baby weight? I am tired of hearing about how easy it was for my friends!! I love them but seriously?! Do you think my fat ass is interested in hearing about how you didn’t have to work out and that you could enjoy eating anything you wanted and still lost the 25 pounds you put on? How you just kept eating donuts and whatever else your heart wanted with no consequences?!

Umm…no. I don’t really care. I put on over 50+ pounds during my pregnancy. I struggle with not losing the weight as fast as I expected and the fact that I cannot breast feed and everyone says that’s the way to lose the weight!

Well smarties (mmm…chocolate…), what do you do when you’re taking medication that doesn’t allow breast feeding? When the side effects include weight gain, increased appetite, swelling, and the most recent one to hit me – acne?! Anyone? A few more weeks and I will be off that medication so hopefully I can work on losing some of the weight and more importantly the pimples! I look like a teen mom…with wrinkles. Well, not ‘wrinkles’, more like wisdom around the eyes.

Life is full of surprises, right? Maybe I will be a better version of myself at this shower and my body image issues will have disappeared for the afternoon.

Maybe I will receive a thank you card for the gift.


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