Google vs. Facebook

Let me just take a minute to get a little frustration out. And a little judging. I’ve been lacking on my judging of others lately, so this post will definitely make up for the lost time. Enjoy, and please if you’re offended well…I’ve warned you.

I read today that the number one website in the world is Google and the second is Facebook. I’m not surprised.

I am on Facebook. Let’s be real, who isn’t? We all have our reasons, don’t we, some good ones and some that we use just to cover the plain fact that we like it. The reason I joined FB was because my cousin got married in Mexico and I wasn’t able to go (read: my boyfriend at the time didn’t want to go and I was under his control, like the power of the ring of mordor or is it the eye of sauron? either way he was a jerk) and a cousin who did go told me that the only way that I would be able to see the pictures would be if I joined this thing called Facebook. I fell for it and joined. What a sucker.

Facebook is great as it allows people to reconnect, allows relatives to stay in touch, and allows for curiosity to take over. I will admit that I’ve creeped on people, but I just won’t tell you who I creeped. My relatives live on the other side of the country, in another country, and some are across the atlantic so FB is a great way for us to stay connected.

Let’s fast forward like 8 years, I’m still on there and while not active in posting pictures of Baby (I refrain from the monthly and/or daily baby pics – my Baby is the cutest, but do I really want to force people to look at 178 pictures of her face every month?) there is one thing that I am active in doing while on FB. Judging. Yep. Every status update and picture posted by certain people of the 200+ friends I have on there. I cull the list of friends every now and then (removed 10+ people while putting together this post), just to be more realistic, but then slowly they come back and I continue to judge.

There is one girl who was IN LOVE with Babe for years, when she found out that he and I were buying a house together she couldn’t believe it. She emailed Babe and questioned him at length to make sure that he was making the right decision. Clearly he did. At a not-really-but-kind-of high school reunion she told me that she was quite surprised with how nice I was being considering I was such a bitch in high school. Ha! I didn’t even know that word in high school let alone know how to act like one. I looked like a prepubescent boy with horrible skin, unruly hair, and then a need to wear glasses. This look lasted until I was about 17, when all of a sudden puberty hit in the right way, my skin cleared up, my boobs took off, but the hair stayed unruly until my mid to late 20’s. In all honesty, where I grew up bitch was in the water, you just were one and the judging continued.

Anyway, I was getting annoyed with her FB posts about her cupcake adventures and how much she loves her current boyfriend so I removed her from my ‘friends’. This lasted about a week and then she noticed so back to the judging of her on FB.

There is one particular person who I’m pretty sure has confused Google with Facebook. Everyday, multiple times throughout the day she posts status updates. The only thing that I want to tell her is to try Google.

Here are a few examples:
Has anyone seen the movie BlahBlahBlah, reviews? try Google, people are paid to review movies.
Anyone have any good connections on cheap flight & hotel stays? it’s called travel deal websites, Google it. (which I couldn’t refrain from commenting on her status)
Anyone know who opened for Lady Gaga last night? Again, Google it as people are paid to review concerts too.
Drive to work or walk, anyone know how bad the roads are? This wouldn’t even require use of the Google, one could just look outside or turn on the local news.

Am I wrong in wanting to tell this one particular person that Google would probably produce more results than her constant status updates polling her ‘friends’? She even once went so far to ‘ask’ if anyone worked at Lego and could they get her a discount on something for her kids. Don’t get me wrong, I am up for a deal/discount/freebie as much as the next person, but to blatantly ask like that is in poor taste, no?

Is it wrong that I judge others via FB? No, everyone does it, you’re lying if you say you don’t. Same goes for the other friends I have on there that share every single picture and/or video from that humorous page they ‘liked’. I judge them. Don’t people have to work? How can people spend every minute on FB sharing pictures or writing status updates?

What about Facebook drives you nuts? Or do you enjoy it and only see the positive? I do enjoy being able to connect to family all around the world, and stay in touch with friends as our lives take us on different paths. And frankly the dumb people who are on our friend lists, the ones with no ability to filter, are the ones that keep us logging in.

Vent over…thanks for putting up with me.

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6 Responses to Google vs. Facebook

  1. Valerie says:

    I actually don’t do Facebook! lol The whole idea of staying in touch that way with relatives and past friends and long distance friends creeps me out because I don’t think I want to be THAT connected! πŸ˜‰ AND all that I’ve heard about judging and comparing oneself with others has convinced me I have made the right decision.
    I don’t disagree with others being on it, though. It IS a great way to be able to connect with others, but I think there has to be balance.
    As far as google/facebook, I think you’re right. No need to ask people for facts when you could google it! Now, if it’s opinion you want, that’s where you could ask your friends. πŸ™‚

    • People only post the best part of their lives on Facebook, hence the judging and comparing. It has it’s drawbacks but the connection to family is what keeps me on there! To each their own, I guess! πŸ˜‰

      And I agree, asking for someones opinion is much better than what this girl is doing. πŸ™‚

  2. I don’t use Facebook much. I find most of it is useless information being passed around. I think your peice touches on some of that. I would drop those people you mentioned. Updates perpetually – who cares? A million pictures of your kid – no thanks.

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