feeling the love / my thank you card

This is just a very big thank you to all who have read, continue to read, and have happened upon this blog.

I started it on a whim just to get some things off my chest and to see if anyone would enjoy reading the ramblings in my head. With every ‘like’ or ‘follow’ my ego grows. I am now permanently stuck indoors. I am now forced to spend my time in our family room as my head is now too big to make it through the doorway. Babe is slightly worried, Dog is stunned, and Baby is scared.

All kidding aside, I know that the views/likes/follows are small in comparison to some of the blogs that many of you who read/follow, but it makes me feel amazing. Honestly.

Thank you for paying attention to me, and putting up with me.
It is greatly appreciated. Please don’t stop, I like the attention.

Thank you!

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2 Responses to feeling the love / my thank you card

  1. Cool that you appreciate it so much. May your blog continue to grow.

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