old vs. new

I need a good heart to heart with myself.

Have I really become that person? You know, the woman who had so many interests before becoming a mom. I could talk at length about politics, TV shows (anyone out there watching Girls?), the latest happenings in the celeb world, current events, and yes, even the weather. I read the newspaper twice a day just to stay on top of things, I was constantly connected.

Now my conversations revolve around poop, diapers, teething, and sleep patterns. I now read the newspaper maybe once a week, I rely heavily on the 140 character limit of twitter to keep me informed – who has time to read more than that? The PVR is getting quite full with all the shows I tape – is 4 months too young for Days of Our Lives?

I have no excuse really, for my lack of ‘staying on top of things’. Baby is fantastic. She naps twice a day for at least 2.5 hours each time and sleeps 12 hours overnight, she’s always happy and ready to play. She rarely cries or fusses, she’s just so eager to play, have books read to her, and spend time in the jolly jumper. I know, I know – I am incredibly lucky and have an amazing baby. I cannot honestly say that I don’t have the time to maintain my old lifestyle.

I have no excuse. Except for one. I am lazy. I just blame it on ‘motherhood’ but really I have just given up. How can I complain about something so great? How can I blame sweet Baby for my lack of interest in anything but her? She’s just too dang cute to not want to spend time with!

I love my new life, and wouldn’t trade it for anything in the world. Instead of a heart to heart, maybe my heart is now being true to itself and finally found away out of the old life pattern. I now get to appreciate each moment and I can focus on what truly matters.

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