Sunday Nights.

Sunday Night.

Lights dimmed.

Candle flickering in the mirror.

A mix of scents fill the air.

Baby is sleeping soundly.

Babe spending some much needed down time doing his thing.

Dog sleeping somewhere in the house, usually near the stairs.

And me…happily floating amongst the bubbles in my deep soaker tub.

It is as close to heaven on earth as I can get. I have as much time in there as I please – no phone, no tv, no internet! Just me and the bubbles, and the candle.

I can think about the day or week that has happened, ponder the days and week to come. Let’s be real though, I am not thinking about anything! I am enjoying my break, my freedom, my alone time!

I let the wild rose bubbles, imported from Paris, float around me and zone out while the ginger & sea salt candle flickers in the mirror and sip my tea.

This is my time.


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