My poor husband

I have quick wit and a sharp tongue.
Friends love it, family tolerates it, and poor Babe married it.

The day we were married, signed the papers and had our first moment alone as husband and wife – I turned to my husband and said: now I can get fat!! I suggested that he take it all in and remember me on that day. I let him know that I would probably not look this good again, not because I couldn’t do all of “that” myself but because I don’t have to. And frankly, who has the time? The vows were in sickness & health, richer or poorer, hot & meh, no?

Thankfully he married me knowing that once October/November rolls around the razors disappear from the shower and they won’t reappear until April/May. This is fact. When you’re wearing pants all the time why shave? And it’s cold!! I need the extra heat source and the hair keeps my socks up!! 😉

Actually, I shaved my legs the other day for a doctor’s appointment and said to Babe – she better check out my legs or I am going to be pissed. She checked my legs. Lucky her.

Yesterday I decided to be a good wife and make dinner. Babe told me to leave the swiss chard he would rib it when he got home. I told him that I gave it a good ribbing and that it giggled the whole time.

Try the veal, I am here all week.

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