Out Law Issues, is it me?

The Out-Law strikes again.

Recently Babe, Baby and I spent an afternoon with a member of the Out Law family. I know that it’s great for Baby to bond with her aunts and uncle on her father’s side of the family so I initiated the date and encouraged the bonding.

We went for lunch and had a nice afternoon walking around and catching up. This out-law thought that it would be a great idea to take Baby to a park and playground. Baby isn’t 6 months old yet, cannot sit up, and really has no use for a playground. I let this out-law know that it may be a better idea for when the weather is warmer and when Baby is more likely to enjoy it.

Anyway, the day was great – I surprised myself with how much fun we had! This particular out-law is one of the better ones. We went back to her apartment, Babe and her enjoyed a coffee and I played with Baby. Babe and I had taken some pictures of Baby with her aunt so we promised to email her the photos. I let this out law know that I don’t put pictures of Baby on Facebook because it makes me uncomfortable and I know that Babe isn’t keen on it either. I let her know that I do post pictures on another social media account that provides me with more security than FB, so she should join and see pics of Baby there. She agreed that FB is a little sketchy and would consider joining this other media outlet so that she could see pics of Baby more frequently.

I was quite pleased with our discussion, our afternoon, and that Babe felt good about the time we spent with his family member. It was a great day. I would even do it again!

Then I woke up the next morning.

I was enjoying the sunshine bursting through the window and onto my face, Dog was curled up on my feet, and Babe was just waking up. I rolled over to check my phone, horrible habit I know. I deleted emails, looked at my social media and opened up Facebook. There it was.

The colour in my face changed, I could feel it. My body temperature increased in what felt like milliseconds, I was hot and heated. There posted on Facebook was a picture of Out Law and Baby.


I turned to Babe and calmly said – hey, remember that conversation we had yesterday regarding pics of Baby on Facebook? He responded yes I do, I really don’t feel comfortable with that nor the other social media outlet you use. I told him that I totally understood his perspective and I handed him my phone. He wasn’t impressed, but didn’t nearly have the same heated response. He let me know he would speak with her about it.

I’m confused. Didn’t we all have this discussion? Didn’t we all agree that no pictures of her would be posted? And yes, less than 24 hours after the conversation a picture is posted? Really?!

My brother’s wife had issues with us posting pictures of our niece and nephew on FB, but I would always check with her before I posted anything. I worry at times that I’m turning into someone similar to my sister-in-law – someone crazy. My sister-in-law was upset with the fact that our wedding was published in an online magazine and my niece was in some of the photos (she was our flower girl). I know I have this need for control and I work at letting things go, I really do.

Am I right to be angry about this? Am I missing something? I was under the impression that our conversation was quite clear – as was Babe. Any suggestions on how to handle this in a delicate way or is delicate too nice?


Out Laws.

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4 Responses to Out Law Issues, is it me?

  1. Yes, your right to be angry. You and your husband told the out law how you felt and then she/he did it anyway. That shows a total disregard to your wishes. That’s rude and disrespectful.

  2. You’re not crazy. I’ve popped up (with my children) in a cover photo of a relative who’ve I’ve let know the same thing – I don’t want my photo on her facebook! When we had the discussion she assured me there was a private album (why have it then?!) however as I said I’ve been in the cover photo; and I’ve had people comment to me about other photos so hmm guess it’s not that private! Try to be polite, try to not sound crazy – they’ll agree then just do what They want grrrrrr

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