Is busy the new black?

Baby has reached her 6 month, half a year, birthday! Is that a thing? Or am I now making it something when really it’s nothing? I feel, at times, that I am a bit out of the loop when it comes to these new fangled parenting things.

Meh. Wouldn’t be the first time, and probably won’t be the last.

Anyway,  she’s growing up (28 inches to be exact) and is keeping me busy!! She rolls all over the place and is days away from crawling (scary!!). She’s not my little baby girl anymore, she’s definitely not little either (18 pounds).

We are now taking a couple mom and baby classes around town to mingle with other mom’s and help get out of the winter funk that has lasted as long as the dang snow!

Longest. Winter. Ever.

Between her programs, my yoga, at least one medical appointment a week, talking with my homeopath once a week (and tracking my improvements daily – if I can remember), plus 3 visits to the dermatologist a week – I don’t have as much time these days to write posts and respond to comments.

I do appreciate each and everyone of you that read this, those who ‘like’ my posts, and those who comment! My apologies if I am not as regular as I used to be but I will get there. We have only one computer and Babe is using it for some work stuff and typing posts from my phone (like I am doing right now) isn’t ideal.

I will make time soon to share a few thoughts as the Out Laws have been busy (but not with seeing Baby us)!!

Please be patient with my as I adjust to this new and busier stage of life…

I will leave you with this little nugget…

Babe: my dad just told me that my mom has been going through all of these medical tests for the past few months. They thought she had dementia but she just found out she’s fine. This would explain her sense of urgency and constant need to see Baby all the time.

Me:  ummm…really?

Babe: ya! How great to understand it all!

Me:  you do realize that your mother has come by once in the past 2 months and is never available to see Baby, right? Even though they live a 5 minute drive from our house and I have suggested to your mother that if she wants to drop in on her way home to just give us a heads up when she’s on the way and she’s done that once? Even with the designated times she’s outlined for us as to when she’ll babysit but she’s still never available?

Babe: yes.

Me:  am I missing the part where she’s coming to see Baby all the time??

Quickly changed topic as it seemed as though our definition of “seeing her all the time” is different.  That has since been cleared up, Babe knows but likes to ignore the fact that his family is so out of touch. We went to see the Out Laws this weekend…to be continued!!


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