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Out Law Issues, is it me?

The Out-Law strikes again. Recently Babe, Baby and I spent an afternoon with a member of the Out Law family. I know that it’s great for Baby to bond with her aunts and uncle on her father’s side of the … Continue reading

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well colour me embarrassed

Okay, okay – I retract my previous statement regarding a certain friend’s baby shower and the chances of receiving a thank you card. It arrived in the mail today and it was handwritten. Don’t I feel awful. Dear Universe, I … Continue reading

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feeling the love / my thank you card

This is just a very big thank you to all who have read, continue to read, and have happened upon this blog. I started it on a whim just to get some things off my chest and to see if … Continue reading

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Ugh. Showers.

No, not the daily shower that provides the world with a fresh and cleaner version of you. The other kind. The baby and/or wedding shower kind. I hate them. Even the ones thrown for me by family/friends/co-workers. They were tolerable … Continue reading

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