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Like sand through an hour glass…

Should have posted this in 2013 when I wrote it…enjoy… My grandmother would have been 94 this year. 94. My grandfather would have been 96. My grandmother passed away in November of 2003, and my grandfather passed away about 6 … Continue reading

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Life these days…

I have been absent.  Disappeared. Removed.  Distant.  Away.  Gone. Out.  Missing.  I am sorry. I apologize. Regrets? I have a few. In my defense things have been busy. Baby crawling, weekly doctor appointments, no downtime, no time to myself busy. … Continue reading

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Is busy the new black?

Baby has reached her 6 month, half a year, birthday! Is that a thing? Or am I now making it something when really it’s nothing? I feel, at times, that I am a bit out of the loop when it … Continue reading

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Out Law Issues, is it me?

The Out-Law strikes again. Recently Babe, Baby and I spent an afternoon with a member of the Out Law family. I know that it’s great for Baby to bond with her aunts and uncle on her father’s side of the … Continue reading

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Is motherhood supposed to feel lonely?

Currently I am what some may call a stay at home mom. A domestic engineer. The one who maintains the domestic dwelling and tends to the offspring. Most of what is implied with all of that is true. I don’t … Continue reading

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