The In Law / Out Law debate continues…

In Laws.

No, Out Laws.

Definitely out laws.

Our Baby is close to 4 months old and Babe has yet to hear from his siblings with regards to her – like nothing. At all. In close to 16 weeks.

Babe had a conversation with his mother and has requested that she no longer forward the pictures I send her of Baby to his siblings. He’s going to try to smoke them out of whatever hole they are living in or rock they live under. I have doubts that anything will change but I support Babe with his efforts.

Now 4 months have gone by and he/we’ve not received an email, call, text, smoke signal or even telegram. No congratulations, no whoa you’re parents, or even whoa I’m an Aunt/Uncle. Like nothing, at all. Seriously.

I went through 45 hours of labour & delivery (you read that right – 45 long hours) and I didn’t hear a peep – I didn’t expect to hear from any of them. It would have been nice to hear something but all of their Facebook posts credited their brother with making them an Aunt/Uncle and remarked how their brother had just become a father. Babe isn’t on Facebook. I am though, but it’s not about me. Way should I be given any of the credit?


I feel so frustrated and hurt for Babe but also annoyed and angry for me – right now I need to let go.of my personal feelings and be there for my husband, right? He’s hurt, angry and saddened by the lack of interest his family shows in Baby.

I wish I could make it easier for him but I respect that this is something he needs to go through on his own. I just sit next to him and listen. There are moments, however brief they still count, where I am a good wife.

Every family is different and I am won’t imply or insinuate that my family is better at all. I will say that my family already went through this growing pain, we’ve come through to the other side.

I have my views of his family and his siblings – in time the stories will be written and shared. Like the time when his sisters and mom showed up an hour and a half late to the 2 hour high tea party bridal shower my mom hosted and they didn’t even apologize. Or how his youngest sister called me an asshole the night before the baby shower his mother was throwing me (with my help as she asked me to basically plan the entire thing).

I will bite my tongue when Babe needs to vent and let things out. I will do whatever it takes to not join in and add my two cents.

Any advice on how to actually do this?

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