Does misery really love company?

Is this really the way we live our lives?

I can sit, judge people and then write about the dumb things people do on this blog, no one is the wiser. I will be quite honest no one really knows the inner workings of my mind, maybe Babe but that’s taken years of hard work. I can get angry and bitter, I can be filled with hope and love – no matter what I will share this with you because, well, I can. I enjoy sharing things with people whether it be good or bad.

At times I feel as though I’m not allowed to complain or have any frustrations about being a mom because I have what some refer to as a ‘good baby’.

I admit it. She’s good. She’s better than that, she’s amazing. She eats well, she sleeps, she always smiles. I know, I know, I’m knocking on wood as I type this…trust me! I am also aware that the teen years will probably bring us a different kind of Baby but for now I am celebrating my great baby.

The problem I seem to be having these days is that other parents that I’ve befriended over the past 5 months seem to not want to hang out with us these days. I’ve invited people over, offered to drive to the city to walk, but no one seems to be all that interested. It’s kind of sad really. The mothers that I’ve befriended are all struggling with different issues with their babies – sleeping, eating, diaper issues. I don’t have much to offer or to commiserate about as Baby has no issues sleeping in her crib, eating solids, and the diapers just work.

Why does having a good baby mean that people don’t want to hang out with me? Am I all of a sudden superior? Or am I inferior because I don’t know how hard it can be? Am I that ‘out of touch’ with the trials and tribulations of motherhood that I am not worthy of being included?

We recognize the signs that we, women, do not support one another. There are studies being done and have been done, books have been written about it, and yet knowing everything we know we are our own worst enemies. I am struggling with this inability to ‘fit in’. Is it me or am I just reading the situations wrong? I am always willing to help someone and always wanting to make sure that people feel included, this is probably because I often feel like I don’t fit. I work in a department that is solely women, it’s difficult. It feels as though I’m always tested because I’m the youngest and I need to jump through hoops to earn my way. Is this what motherhood is mirroring?

Is envy what drives us? Are we not able to be happy for others? Does misery really love company? Does everything really have to be a competition that only leads to more resentment?

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4 Responses to Does misery really love company?

  1. Obviously I can’t speak to some of the issues you raise. However, I think it would be crazy if people are not hanging out with you simply because your baby is so well behaved etc.
    Is it too simple to say that some of them are not hanging out because they are so busy with their children who are not behaving nearly as well as your child?

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